When Poland Ruled the World Movie



In 1939 Poland faced extinction from aggressors from both East and West. Stalin and Hitler presented insurmountable odds, the men of Poland could not stop them, but the women could.

When the Commanders of the Polish Forces chose to call it quits, the Queen of Poland and her consorts defy them and take the lead. The Queen and her vast resources of scientific and military schooling allow her to outwit the Polish Generals and seize power before the impending invasions occur.

The Queen’s childhood friend is also her chief scientist, a woman who has been shunned by the male dominated scientific community but secretly nurtured by the Queen. This beautiful young woman named Neva Goldberg, has discovered Carbo Magnetics, which effects all metallic objects. Combined with the Queen’s military expertise, culled from descendants going back to Alexander the Great, Poland is able to thwart the initial invasions of both Hitler and Stalin with tactics such as ‘Lucifer’s Canyon’, and throw the world into a shock.

When those in the Polish Military, who originally opposed the Queen, seek to betray her and allow the capture of Neva by the Russian’s, the Queen is faced with her most challenging moments. She calls on her elite, female guard to rescue Neva from being taken to Moscow to be Stalin’s slave.


In the midst of the rescue, things begin to go wrong. They are rescued by their Russian counterparts, women warriors once loyal to those related to the Queen of Poland.

With Neva returned safely and with their new alliances, the Queen is able to capture and subdue the generals who betrayed her. She brings them to the new city she is building and a night club called ‘The Fat Man Shoot’. There she puts the shirtless Generals on a large conveyer belt that slowly rotates through a crowded bar where the women pay for ‘Lasers By the Second’. The Generals are melted down by the patrons as they come through the room, each melting as much as they may have paid for. It’s a wild scene as the cheering women compete with each other as the Generals go up in smoke.

When word of this gets to Stalin and Hitler they both mount their strongest attacks which are vanquished in a final battle leaving Poland victorious. In the end, both Stalin and Hitler are brought to Poland and made to fight each other in a cage for the Queen’s enjoyment.


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