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Lady No Legs comes from Syria where she lost her legs in an attack on her village as a little girl, she is the only one in her family to survive. She was saved from certain death by a brilliant Japanese surgeon, Dr. Yokai. Lady No Legs eventually becomes his student where she meets Hans.

Lady No Legs and assistant Hans, have become partners, his intense admiration and loyalty a substitute for the discipline he enjoyed in the military. Lady No Legs becomes a champion of both sciences and arts. She is an expert surgeon and chemical engineer, a physicist and a master of robotics, a concert pianist and architect. Hans is always present, carries her from place to place and provides her with all she needs, including a watchful eye for her comfort and safety.

After Lady No Legs establishes herself as a world renown scientist, she learns Dr. Yokai’s has become delusional, his ambitions of greatness include destroying the world as it is. Lady No Legs declines Dr. Yokai’s offer to work with him on a new type of artificial intelligence after a demonstration of its capabilities, functioning in the deepest oceans or in any extreme environment.


Lady No Legs realizes she is the only one that stands between Dr. Yokai and his ambitions and uses her surgical and biological know how to creates her own robotic legs. Legs that bond with her body in an organic, electromagnetic process. The legs she creates using a biological process, literally growing them instead of manufacturing them, the direct opposite of Dr. Yokai’s approach to creating functioning forms and devices. This is the process she will use defeat the artificial intelligence of Dr. Yokai, her new legs now enabling her double her work load, freeing up Hans to work along side her.

Dr. Yokai comes to the forefront of the world when he announces his artificial intelligence has penetrated the core of the Earth. Dr. Yakoi intends to send the world back to the Stone Age by disabling large cities and starving its people, declaring his goal is to unite the world by threatening to destroy it.

Lady No Legs is able to destroy and render Dr. Yakoi using biological grown computers and instruments instead of the mechanical and electronic created by Dr. Yakoi. In the end, Lady No Legs and Dr. Yokai face off in a duel of technology, Lady No Legs is obligated to destroy Dr. Yokai despite him saving her as a child and teaching her most of what she knows. He acknowledges this as he dies, knowing it was his destiny to die by her hands for the sake of pushing humanity into a future of which it never dreamed.


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