For the love of Turtles movie



A young woman living in Los Angeles with her mother, an indigenious Peruvian Indian, gets married and moves to Peru with a rich husband and has two children. The entire time she feels as if she is not in her own, real life.

One night she has a dream, a beautiful Peruvian Indian man comes to her and tells her she must move back to California or it will fall into the sea. He explains that her presence alone is enough to save everyone there and prevent the catastrophe that would otherwise occur if she decides to stay in Peru.

At first she considers it just a dream, then she begins to hear the news from home of earthquakes, each increasing in intensity. She finally becomes overwhelmed with her dream and the Indian’s message. She leaves her husband, who has become dishonest and disloyal, and takes the two children back to Los Angeles despite people beginning to leave.

As soon as she arrives, the earthquaks subside, all becomes calm and peaceful. She finds a new life with her children raising turtles and finally decides the dream is real and will stay in California for now.


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