10,000 Drones Movie


10,000 DRONES

When a young student is expelled for his winning science project, he creates his own high powered drone that uses a simple laser. He first tests it out on a local pack of hoodlums that have been bullying him.

After seeing a newscast showing Terrorists destroying a town, he decides to build something stronger, something that could do real damage. He enlists the aid of his eccentric uncle who helps him but they are stopped by government agents who have been sent to stop the development of his Laser Drone in favor of theirs, which has so far miserably failed. The agents themselves are seeking to bully the young student into divulging his technical secrets and when he refuses, the take the uncle away.

The Young Student is able to rescue his uncle as he is being transported with the one functioning drone that he has. They flee to the uncle’s old hippy commune in Northern California where they are surprised to see every technological advantage available. It is here the Young Student is able to organize the making of 10,000 of his drones to mount an attack on the Terrorists he is so determined to destroy and the rescue the people they oppress.


He discovers that despite have his force in place, he alone cannot singularly target each drone, so enlists the aid of the public who can sign on to be part of the online team that targets and fires a laser from one of the drone fleet. Once the word gets out the government and military are unable to stop it and unable locate the drone fleet or it’s commanders.

As the pressure mounts, the military decides to send forces in that begin to fail, however, the drone force is launched and through a group effort and the Young Student’s technological miracle, the soldiers are saved and the attacking terrorists destroyed.

Now, in a group effort, the drones and the military are able to defeat the Terrorists and rescue the city they held hostage.


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